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How to take care of your jewelry

How to take care of your jewelry

When you purchase jewelry from Rock Paper Pretty, you’re investing in quality pieces that will withstand your everyday wear. But for them to stand up to the test of time, you will want to give them some extra love and attention. 

You wouldn’t think there are hazards your gemstones need to avoid, right?  Guess again because they include things like humidity, dust, scratching and fading. 

So how do you keep your pieces looking as good as the day you welcomed them into your collection? 

Here’s my 6 top tips for keeping your jewelry in pristine condition. 

  1. Keep your pieces hidden away from moisture

The materials used for your jewelry can tarnish or corrode when they’re exposed to moisture. Gemstones are also porous, which means they can absorb moisture. This would cause them to have discoloration or weakening of the stone. Some gemstones also have a high content of iron which can rust if it remains wet for prolonged periods.

I recommend taking your pieces off before getting in the shower, enjoying a relaxing bubble bath or simply cooling off in the pool in summer. 

     2. Remove when active 

Nobody reacts well to stress, not even your jewelry. During physical activity, your gemstone pieces are under extra stress. They could end up with cracks, chips or scratches. 

Also, even the chicest of gemstone wearers break a sweat while working out. Sweat on your jewelry can lead to a moisture build-up which can cause tarnishing or dulling. 

     3. Remove before sleeping 

Sleep and rest are a priority - even for your gemstones. Wearing your jewelry at night can cause it to get caught in your bedding, your hair or your clothing. 

The gemstones could become loose, break or fall out. 

Your gemstones love you but they need a break to limit the daily wear and tear. 

Not to mention it might not be that comfortable for you either. Removing your jewelry before sleeping will ensure those lovely gems don't interrupt your beauty sleep…..or theirs.  

     4. Store in a closed bag or box 

If you’ve ordered from Rock Paper Pretty already, you know you get a pretty little pink pouch with all of your pieces. These aren’t for show.  

They’re simply the best way to store your jewelry. Some pieces can have softer or more delicate stones, leaving them vulnerable to scratches from other jewelry pieces if they’re stored together. 

They also protect your pieces from moisture, humidity, dust and dirt. 

A jewelry box is also a great place to store your jewelry pieces as long as they are stored separately. 

If you’re curious about more storage options for your collection, I’ve got an entire blog about it [here]. 

     5. Avoid direct contact with perfume and lotion

Who doesn’t love a little bit of perfume or delicate lotion as a form of self-love?

You might but unfortunately your gemstones don’t. Gemstones are sensitive to chemicals found in perfumes and lotions. They can suffer from discolouration or cloudiness. 

That doesn’t mean you absolutely cannot wear these things with your pieces. But make sure they’re not coming in direct contact (like spraying your perfume right on top of your pieces). 

     6. Clean and polish with a soft cloth

Just like any other precious item in your home, your gemstone pieces can accumulate some dirt and dust from everyday wear. 

By regularly cleaning your pieces with a soft cloth you can prevent heavy build-up and allow your gems to regain their natural sparkle. 

I want your Rock Paper Pretty pieces to last forever too - which is why with every purchase you get a little card as a reminder of these care tips. Following these will give your collection a long and sparkling life.